Welcome to WebSelling4U

So what’s new?

New Web Site

I finally converted my old static site to one of my new WordPress based e-commerce sites using Market Theme.  They’re very versatile and my favorite response to most any question concerning a WP site is “There’s a plug-in for that”.  To learn more, click on the “Mkt Theme” tab above.

Donate Button

As quickly as it appeared in the previous version of the site, the “Donate Button” has vanished.  In keeping with the “Market Theme”, you can make a donation under the “Services” category on the side bar, or just click here.

The main purpose for the change is to demonstrate the Market Theme shopping cart.

 Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

The whole world of SEO and SEM has changed dramatically in recent months.  It is critical that we stay abreast of the changes and what we can do to continue to drive traffic to our sites.  I will be offering more on this later.

Email Campaigns

We’re not talking about SPAM.  I’m asking if, in today’s economy, you can afford to allow even one lead go ignored?  Let me work with you to develop a plan for handling your existing customer base and your prospects.

I’m here to help YOU sell on the World Wide Web!
Call or contact me today.  … What do you have to lose?